Welcome to Vertical Leap

  • Are you someone just starting off in your career who needs advice or sparring on the next career move?

  • Are you a middle manager who feels “stuck’ or empty in his/her current role?

  • Are you an executive that just took over a new organization and needs to spar on how to restructure the group or how to communicate the changes?

  • Are you someone who is being bullied by a colleague or a manager, and needs help working through it?

  • Were you just promoted into a new role and are feeling uncertain about the next steps?

  • Are you an expatriate who just moved to a new country and need help to navigate the new environment?

  • Are you a manager who needs to restructure his/her team, need help to spar on the new strategy and communicate the changes?

  • Do you need to discover and assess high potentials and leaders in your organization?

  • Are you an employee or manager who needs advice on communication skills and dressing for success?

Our mission is to catapult you forward — from where you are to where you want to be

Do you often feel “empty” a lot of the time even though you have a good job or are doing what you think you want to be doing? Our goal is to help you feel “full” again and find meaning in what you do while helping you to succeed in reaching your professional or personal targets.

Are you an organization that needs help in on-boarding new employees,  assessing candidates’ or current employees' leadership capabilities and "fit" for the job?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

Recently, the world has become extremely complex. This can leave a lot of people feeling afraid, uncertain or even depressed. We can help you or your organization thrive in these uncertain times and support you to leap forward to the next professional or personal level with ease.

Our extensive coaching and corporate experience allows us to customize our programs to fit a person’s or organization's specific needs:

  • Executive Coaching

    • Individual or
    • Corporate setting)
  • Career Coaching

    • Including career strategy, CV and cover letter work
  • Talent Assessment

    • For hiring or assessing someone's next move
    • We use Hogan HPI, HDS, and MVPI
  • Leadership Training

    • Bespoke programs
    • Example: team dynamics, cross cultural training etc.